G-Step Fitness LLC was created to help inspire and encourage men and women to move their bodies, get fit and sweat!  

Giavanna Bell is a National Physique Committee (NPC) Nationally Qualified

Figure competitor. After having three beautiful children, her body has taken a beating. After losing over 70 lbs through proper nutrition and HARD work, she has taken on the privilege of helping other women take control of their own fitness!  She is the mother of three young  children. She is also a certified group fitness instructor and is CPR certified.

Giavanna is the CEO and creator of G-STEP FITNESS, LLC. She created this G-Step Fitness because she knows the struggle to get fit, stay fit, and conquer the “mind trap”. She has lived in the “I can’t” mind-set, and she has learned how to adopt the “I CAN” and “NO EXCUSES” mind-set.

Giavanna has helped many, many women lose weight and feel GREAT. She has helped women overcome depression and unhappiness by helping them reach their goals and teaching them how to escape the “mind trap”. Let her do the same for you!  

When Giavanna is not training or competing---- you can find worshiping in church, choreographing dances for her Zumba Fitness® classes, or spending quality time with her family.  

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